Residential Services

Starting Out

Work starts at our initial meeting. We assess your landscaping priorities and dreams. We inspect the area and review plans, and provide you with a detailed estimate for services.


Irrigation delivers water to plants and grass at specific time intervals to achieve maximum foliage results. A custom system will conserve water and save money as well as improve the quality of your landscape

Paving Stone Cleaning and Sealing

Ensure the beauty of your pavers lasts! Sealing brings a truer color to your patio and improves the look of driveways and walks. Available wet or flat finishes allow you to achieve the look you desire while inhibiting stains and protecting your investment. Stain removal may also be available if required.

Landscape Lighting

Welcome guests and family to your home with attractive and safety-minded landscape lighting. Accentuate architectural features, highlight a well-tended garden or enhance outdoor living space all with artistically designed lighting. Investing in outdoor illumination can improve a home's value through curb-appeal, security and entertainment space. We love these lights...

Water Features

Enjoy the beauty and sound of a waterfall at home without the hazard, worry or maintenance of a pond. The pond less water features are a great alternative for small yards where space is at a premium and a pond would take up too much land. How about installing a pond less waterfall in that shady spot where it is hard for the grass to grow? Pondless water features add value to your home.

Feature Stones

Feature Stones are an exclusive way to customize your unique landscape. These stones can easily be transformed into address rocks and pondless water features.

Decorative Rock

Decorative Rock is an attractive, low maintenance choice for low-growth areas, problem areas like the side of a house and feature areas like along driveways. All sizes and colors imaginable!

Sod Laying

Before professional installation of your new lawn, your yards surface is prepared by smoothing the topsoil to prevent visible imperfections. We spread organic fertilizer to promote healthy root systems then install fresh and aggressive growing Sod.

Care of your new lawn is simplified by following our plant care guidelines found on our Publications page


Bark and wood mulch is an excellent eco-friendly product to aid in water retention, plant insulation, and weed resistance in planting beds and tree bowls. Different textures and colors are available.

Trees and Shrubs

Trees and Shrubs add privacy, shade, color and personality to your yard. There are many great options and planting suggestions are always available.

Garden Edges

Simple lines and quality materials are used to create an easy to maintain yard. We have a variety of options from the almost invisible to the value added looks. We often recommend poured in place concrete edging as it add the most "curb" appeal. Visit our Associates page and learn more about Superb Curb.

Retaining Walls

Whether you are looking for a wall to add some curb appeal or need to build a wall for technical purposes; we can do it all! We build walls from manufactured concrete products as well as natural 'dry-stacked' flag stone walls. During installation, each stone is set and leveled to the adjoining blocks. Your retaining walls are constructed to exacting standards so that they will stand the test of time. Our staff are trained and certified paving stone installers.

Our list of quality suppliers include: Expocrete Barkman

Paving Stone and Flag Stone

A patio constructed of paving stones or flagstone adds a very distinctive look to your home. We lay paving stones for patios, sidewalks, staircases, garden edging, and more. With an increasing number of styles, you can achieve whatever look you desire. professionally installed paving stone will last for decades, and greatly increases curb appeal which increases the resale value of your home.

Outdoor Kitchen and Fireplaces

We are very excited to be at the forefront of Outdoor Kitchen instalation.


Low voltage Landscape lights or street lamps, we can design with your lighting needs in mind and help you add safety, security and beauty to your landscape.

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Pruning and Clearing

Pruning will make trees safer, increase vigor and health, and make a tree more beautiful.

Johnny Paycheck Landscaping Residential Landscaping
Johnny Paycheck Landscaping Residential Landscaping Services

Johnny Paycheck Landscaping’s Residential Landscaping

You don’t need a large outdoor space to create a functional and aesthetically appealing oasis in your home backyard. What you do need, however, is a clean and smart home landscape design.

For smaller spaces, where every inch needs to be maximized, it is especially important to have a good design on your property to enhance every little detail. The best things come in small packages – that’s why Johnny Paycheck Landscaping’s local landscapers can offer beautiful and practical landscape design, crafted to fit any property size, personal taste and budget.

Make the Most of Your Residential Landscaping

Good landscape design helps keep you focused on the overall concept for your property and gives you the freedom to install your ideas at your own pace. Want to change something about your yard’s layout? You can propose changes that suit your needs on the landscape concept we offer you – it’s the best place to adjust before moving onto the installation of your home landscaping.

We know that outdoor installation and landscape maintenance can be a daunting task. Check out Johnny Paycheck Landscaping’s quick tips to make the most out of your home landscaping project.

Johnny Paycheck Landscaping Residential Landscaping

Include a Drainage System in Your Home Landscaping

Before you plan to build patios and decks or plant a beautiful garden in your front yard, think about drainage! Without an adequate drainage system, water may collect around your property and may undermine your landscape structures or drown plants.

Our flexible drain tile can be installed anywhere, including along the edges of your patio or your new stone pathway. Johnny Paycheck Landscaping can ensure that your water will be moved into a swale or even held underground for reuse.

Keep it Simple with Our Landscaping Services

Any local landscaping company can advise you not to try to cram too many design elements in a small space. At Johnny Paycheck Landscaping, our landscape contractors can help you plan a layout that uses your ideas to make the most of every corner of your property.

We collaborate with local horticulturalists to offer plans that can offer you beautiful blooms of your choice, crisp greenery and immaculate designs. Have questions about landscaping setup? Ask our landscape designers what would work best for your home and your needs.

Choose the Right Plants for Your Front Yard Landscaping

Before spending time pruning, tending to and replacing plants that may overgrow, ask Johnny Paycheck Landscaping’s landscape consultants about which plants grow best in your area and for your space.

We can help you choose plants that will not outgrow their place in your garden and keep your home landscaping hassle-free.

Landscape Maintenance for Healthy Soil

It’s common for small sites to have compacted soils with potentially poor nutrient values. More often than not, small yards are grounds for more concentrated foot traffic. The natural cycles of nutrient recycling are usually disrupted in small home landscapes.

The seasonal removal of fallen leaves, grass clippings and other organic debris requires the addition of supplemental fertilizers or mulching to keep your plants lush.

Johnny Paycheck Landscaping can help you determine what kind of soil you have and amend the soil with organic matter if necessary. Keep your garden looking fresh, vibrant and well-maintained with the help of our local landscape contractors!

For New Residential Landscaping Contact Johnny Paycheck Landscaping Today!

These quick and easy tips can help you brainstorm layout ideas to figure out what is most necessary for your space. From full-scale exterior renovation projects to weekly lawn and garden maintenance, we have the expertise, the local landscapers and the dedication to consistently deliver excellence on all of our projects, big or small.

With Johnny Paycheck Landscaping’s local landscaping service near you, you may be well on your way to achieving the backyard oasis you always wanted.